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The aftermath of Valentine’s Day

If you were showered with gifts on Valentine’s Day – fantastic – but make sure that you don’t end up showering your local landfill site with the remnants.

Zero Waste Scotland | 15 Feb 11

Some top tips for how to reuse and recycle your gifts include;

Chocolate Boxes

Reuse: Pretty boxes can be reused for storing all kinds of things; letters,  buttons, beads, jewellery or use it again by making your own chocolates, truffles or tablet as next year’s Valentine’s gift!

Recycle: Cardboard chocolate boxes can be recycled in your household recycling collection as well as your paper and card.

Valentine’s Cards

Reuse: Cards can be used for a variety of craft activities; cut out pictures and shapes you like to make your own personalised cards for next year, or use them to make pretty gift tags.

Recycle: Cards can be recycled, and might even end up as next year’s card!


Reuse: The pretty coloured and patterned cellophane wrap around flowers could be used as gift wrap over plain paper, make bags for tablet/traybakes to give as gifts (after a good wash) or wrap around a pot with seedlings to act as a propagator.

Recycle: When your cut flowers have seen better days, remember to put them in your compost bin, garden waste collection or take to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

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