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Compete to be Scotland’s Food Waste Reduction Champion

Share your food waste-busting recipes for the chance to be crowned Scotland’s culinary champion of food waste.

Our nationwide challenge to crown Scotland's culinary champion of food waste is now open! We're looking for businesses, communities, organisations and the public sector to submit recipes that help reduce food waste. A business whose recipe can turn what could have gone to waste into delectable treasure will be crowned Scotland's Food Waste Reduction Champion in September 2022.

Food waste is a significant driver of climate change with an estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food going to waste globally every year - roughly one-third of all that is produced for human consumption. This competition aims to raise awareness of the devastating impact that food waste has on the planet and to help businesses to share their environmental commitment.

The competition welcomes cooks across Scotland to enter their best recipes that feature ingredients that are commonly wasted. Food that goes off quickly, such as bread, could be used to create a breadcrumb dish or, you might be able to share how to use up the parts of food that isn’t normally eaten, such as broccoli stalks.

The competition to find the most delicious way to tackle food waste will see Zero Waste Scotland challenge food and drink professionals to rustle up their best no-or-low waste recipes: from chefs in top restaurants, to Scotland’s hospitals and schools; and food manufacturers, right through to cooks in community groups.

According to research from WRAP, the top four most wasted ingredients in the hospitality and food-service sector include potatoes, bread, pasta and rice.

We’re interested in hearing your recipes to make use – not waste – of these key ingredients, as well as any others that go to waste in your kitchen. We’re also interested in hearing about new ways to use up Scottish food and drink that you manufacture or sell. Some great examples of the type of recipe we’re looking for can be found on the Love Food Hate Waste Scotland website:

The winning recipe will be announced in September, with the top chef winning a bespoke prize package to reduce food waste and promote their environmental commitment. The winner will be selected from a list of students who have met the criteria of simplicity, taste, time, ingredient use and ingenuity. BBC MasterChef champion and Scotland's National Chef, Gary Maclean, will be lending his culinary expertise as part of the judging panel. 

How to enter

To enter, email food.drink@zerowastescotland.org.uk to register your interest, you can do this now.

To submit your recipe you will need to download the recipe template and email your entry to: food.drink@zerowastescotland.org.uk

Please include your business name, email address and a short description of how your recipe reduces food waste. 

We will contact the winning entrant by email in September 2022.

The rules

As with all competitions there are a couple of rules:

You must be a business, organisation or community group who works with food and drink in Scotland. This can be across any sector, including (but not limited to) hospitality and food service, retail and manufacturing and public sector. 

You must share how your recipe tackles food waste. This could be making use of ingredients that commonly go to waste in your kitchen or sharing a new way to use up the food or drink that you manufacture.  

Closing date for entries is the 1st of September 2022

Good luck!


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