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Janey Godley - Zero Waste Scotland Statement - 16th September 2021

Zero Waste Scotland engaged Janey Godley to support the second phase of the Scotland Is Stunning campaign earlier this year.

It subsequently came to light that Ms Godley was the author of offensive and racist tweets made in 2009.

Zero Waste Scotland hired Ms Godley through a creative agency. As part of the contract between Ms Godley, the creative agency and Zero Waste Scotland, Ms Godley was required to confirm that, to the best of her knowledge and belief, there was no reason why featuring in the campaign should cause public disrepute, conflict, or otherwise adversely affect the campaign or Zero Waste Scotland. Zero Waste Scotland was entitled to accept Ms Godley's confirmation in good faith.

As soon as it became clear these tweets were genuine and made by Ms Godley, we removed the campaign materials associated with her from our communication channels. Ms Godley has rightfully apologised for the hurt and distress caused by her actions.

We have initiated a review of our processes on how we engage with influencers and public figures, and will carefully consider how to improve our vetting procedures going forward.

It is Zero Waste Scotland's policy that we do not disclose information that would, or would be likely to, prejudice substantially the commercial interests of individuals or companies providing services to us. Zero Waste Scotland is therefore not in a position to disclose any further information about its relationship with Ms Godley. However,  Zero Waste Scotland has suggested that Ms Godley may wish to donate her fee to charity.

We’d like to state again that we take hate crime, including racially aggravated hate crime, very seriously.  Zero Waste Scotland no longer has a working relationship with Ms Godley, nor shall we engage her in future campaigns.

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