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Take action on litter & flytipping

We all have a responsibility to help reduce litter & flytipping - here’s what you can do.

Don't litter

Tax payers in Scotland pay £53 million every year to clear up litter & flytipping - Scotland’s Litter Problem quantifies the scale and cost of litter and fly-tipping using our research expertise.  By simply reducing the amount of litter there is, Scotland's economy and environment will improve immediately. 

Report flytipping

To report flytipping you can complete the Dumb Dumpers online report.

The information will be passed to the relevant organisation.

Recycle on the Go

Recycling isn't confined to the home... you can recycle on the go with easy-to-use, conveniently located recycling facilities in popular public locations.  Learn more about Zero Waste Scotland's role in encouraging people to Recycle on the Go.

Dispose of waste properly

Infrastructure is a key theme in the National Litter Strategy.  From bins, to the way products are designed, improving infrastructure can help to reduce the litter and flytipping problem.


Make use of the facilities available in your local community to prevent litter and flytipping:

  • Use litter bins and Recycle on the Go bins to dispose your waste correctly;
  • If there isn’t a bin available take your waste home or keep hold of it until you find a bin;
  • If you have large items you no longer need that are still in good condition, you can have them collected by your local Re-Use organisation. Find out who will collect in your area using our Re-use Line directory
  • Make use of your nearest Household Waste and Recycling Centre or Recycling Point;
  • Request a bulky or special uplift by contacting your local authority;
  • Make best use of all options available through your kerbside collection to ensure that you are recycling as much as possible to avoid excess waste.

Share the message!

Effective and accessible messaging plays a key role in engaging and motivating the public.  See how our anti-litter toolkit and anti-flytipping toolkit can help to change behaviour and reduce the impact of litter.

Monitor the impact

If you carry out an intervention in your local community you could monitor the area before, during and after your activity to see if it had an impact on the area. You could do this by:

  • Creating a photo/video story of the area before, during and after your activity
    • Select a number of points to take photographs from to ensure you can capture the level of littering
    • Make sure you use the same photo points each time you monitor the area
    • Take photos of the area once per week, preferably on the same day and time
    • After your intervention take photos over a number of weeks to monitor how long it takes for an area to deteriorate
    • Make sure your photos have a time stamp to allow you to track them
    • You can use the photo story as part of your ongoing engagement within your community
  • Carry out a litter count of the number of items of litter in your area
  • Get feedback from your local community before and after


There are a number of key pieces of legislation that relate to litter and flytipping enforcement.  See how you can provide intelligence on litter and flytipping to enforcement agencies.

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