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Surplus Food Redistribution Options

It doesn’t matter whether you are a manufacturing centre, a distribution hub, a café or a restaurant, there are options available that will allow you to redistribute your surplus food. 

Surplus food can be redistributed to the local community, local businesses or to organisations and social enterprises that, in turn, provide food to people who can make the best use of it. Once you have identified your food surplus, you should select a reliable partner for your donations.

There are several options for redistribution partners:

  • Apps for mobile devices and tablets (e.g. OLIO) allow you to share information about your surplus food. Once uploaded, everyone in the vicinity of your business will get a notification about the surplus food.
  • Online portals (e.g. Plan Zheroes and Neighbourly) allow you to upload information about your surplus food. Then, nearby charities and community projects will receive a notification of the available goods and can respond to your listing.
  • You can also partner directly with food charities (e.g. FareShare and The Trussel Trust) and community organisations in your neighbourhood.

Listen to our webinars to hear more about how these platforms are being trialled in Scotland. You can also find out more about how to set up a redistribution partnership.

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