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Working together as a community or group

Community groups and organisations across Scotland can play an integral role in the local response to the climate crisis.

The past year and a half has shown the power of communities in a time of crisis. Established organisations and emerging volunteers leapt into action, using the principles of reducing waste and reusing existing resources to support local neighbourhoods. 

By harnessing this community spirit, we can all help to improve our local areas, making them green places to live, help those in need and improve mental health by encouraging volunteering and working together.

Zero Waste Scotland has a range of materials, training and support available to help empower communities and groups into taking action, from food-waste fighting recipes to education resources and how-to guides for everything from upcycling to repairing and sharing. 

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Love Food Hate Waste
Reuse and repair
Reusable Period Products
Recycle for Scotland

What Zero Waste Scotland can offer communities & groups

Other support for communities and groups

Community-led climate action

Across Scotland, many individuals and groups are already taking action on climate change.

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