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Zero Waste Scotland Calls for projects to enhance recycling and re-use

Zero Waste Scotland has today (29th May 2015) announced details of support for Scottish councils to enhance recycling and re-use services they offer.

29 May 15

Launching a call for projects at this week’s annual Association for Public Service Excellent Conference (APSE) in Aviemore, Zero Waste Scotland highlighted specific opportunities to enhance existing recycling services – with a particular focus on making it easy to recycle in different contexts – and to increase opportunities for the public to donate re-usable goods.  

The support on offer includes investment for projects which:

  • improve underperforming household recycling centres;
  • provide extra facilities for re-use at household recycling centres;
  • increase opportunities for  people to ‘recycle on the go’ in key locations; and
  • offer improved collection services to people living in tenements and flats.


These specific investment priorities are complemented by more general technical and communications support to improve services and increase recycling and reuse. 

For more information on the investment opportunities available, councils should visit www.zerowastescotland.org.uk/localauthorities.  

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“We have substantial support available to help Scotland’s local authorities improve and diversify service provision for recycling and re-use.  Our primary aim in all this is to support the implementation of services which will help Scotland meet its zero waste targets. 

“Having invested heavily in major service changes across the country in recent years, the approach taken will now become more targeted.  That’s why we are outlining the key areas we want to tackle.  By providing support for infrastructure improvements to make it easier to donate goods for re-use, facilities for residents to recycle when they’re out and about, together with extra support for properties where it’s usually more challenging to recycle, we can achieve important enhancements to existing services. 

“We understand local authorities are doing all they can to meet Scotland’s stretching recycling target of 70% by 2025, and we are doing all we can to provide support and advice targeted at areas that will make a real difference. Ultimately, increasing our rate of recycling, and re-using items, will hugely benefit our economy and the environment, creating local jobs in the process.”

For media enquiries contact:

Claire Munro, PR Manager
t: 01786 239791
m: 07702976594
e: claire.munro@zerowastescotland.org.uk


Notes For Editors

Editor’s Notes

The new local authority package includes:

  • A Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) grant fund, which is open to local authorities to improve household recycling centres, aimed at driving up the recycling rate while stimulating local economies. Councils can apply for up to £150,000 either to make major infrastructure improvements to a site that has a below-average recycling rate. As part of this fund, councils can also apply for up to £150,000 to support a “re-use shop” on site, in partnership with a Revolve-accredited organisation. Revolve is Scotland’s national re-use standard. Closing date for applications is the 24th July and the 31st July (for the re-use shop) respectively.
  • A grant fund to help local authorities with a large proportion of tenements, high-rises or flats. Projects that will increase or improve services or make residents access to recycling easier will be considered. Funds will be allocated on a rolling basis and the final deadline is 9th January 205.
  • A grant fund for capital and set-up costs for new Recycle on the Go facilities by councils.  These facilities have lots of benefits including helping to ‘normalise’ recycling behaviour by increasing opportunities to recycle, and reducing litter. The deadline is 7th July.
  • Zero Waste Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government to support the delivery of its Zero Waste Plan and other low carbon and resource efficiency policy priorities.
  • Zero Waste Scotland is helping Scotland to become more efficient in its use of resources. As a facilitator and enabler of change, we help to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency and promote responsible water use – all as part of a journey towards a low-carbon, sustainable economy.
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