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Uses for glass in waste water filtration

Using glass to filter waste water 

The clogging or "biofouling" of sand filters in waste water treatment works is recognised as a major problem by industry.

Trials with recycled glass filter media have been in place since 1996, and have shown resistance to biofouling lasting many years. Without exception, the trials demonstrate that recycled glass filter media can cope comfortably with high solids loading to deliver 100% discharge compliance.

Main benefits:

  • Exceptional performance over several years.
  • Improved backwash efficiency, leading to reduced energy usage.
  • Quick lifecycle payback.

Dryden Aqua

Dryden Aqua has opened a £5m plant at Bonnyrigg in Midlothian designed to recycle glass and create a filtration system capable of removing pollutants from water. The facility has the capacity to process a quarter of Scotland's recycled glass, and will use mainly green cullet to create a system that can filter drinking water or swimming pool water, and treat industrial wastewater, as well as providing a solution for ecological issues associated with other filtration media. The plant is an example of innovative thinking in the use of cullet that adds significant value to the glass.  

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