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Save money

Make savings as both a business and an individual by being more environmentally friendly.

Whether you are a business or an individual, using energy, water and materials more wisely can add up to big savings.

Savings for your business

Zero Waste Scotland's Energy Efficiency Business Support Service offers free advice and support to help small and medium sized businesses to become more energy efficient. That's not only good news from an environmental perspective, but energy efficiency also boosts business productivity, competitiveness, resilience and of course profitability. Businesses we’ve supported make an average saving of 24% on energy costs.

There is also expert support available to prevent construction waste from design through to deconstruction as well as prevent food and drink waste.

See how much you could save.

Savings for your household

As an individual, with the ever-increasing squeeze on household budgets, Zero Waste Scotland initiatives can help you save money on your expenditure when it comes to food, clothes and general household items.

Reducing food waste

Love Food Hate WasteBy taking a few simple steps and approaching your weekly shop with a different outlook you could save a tasty £470 a year.

The Love Food Hate Waste programme from Zero Waste Scotland involves working with a wide range of partners from community organisations and chefs to businesses and individuals looking for practical advice on minimising food waste and thereby saving money.




Making clothes last

Love Your ClothesLove your Clothes – Full of easy and practical tips to: make your clothes last longer, reduce the impact of laundering your clothes, deal with unwanted clothes and make the most of your wardrobe! We focus on encouraging people to think about the way they purchase, use and dispose of clothes.





Buy re-used items

Revolve Re-useRevolve is a re-use quality standard for shops which sell second hand in Scotland.  When you see the Revolve logo, you can be confident you're buying from a great shop which is committed to quality and customer service. The National re-use phone line is a free service that allows you to pass on household items to be used again to the benefit of your local community and charitable organisations.  Call 0800 066 5820.

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