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Save energy and reduce waste in schools

Learn how to save energy and money in schools, with our comprehensive guide and e-module for teachers

Schools come in all shapes and sizes, and their carbon footprints vary accordingly, but our free guide has advice and solutions that will suit nearly everyone.

Resource-efficiency has two major benefits for schools:

  • Saves money – put hard-pressed funds to better use than dripping taps and waste-paper
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – good for the environment, your environmental credentials, legal compliance, and pupil as well as staff engagement

Do Your Homework

Use our e-module to:

  • Test your eco-knowhow – for instance, did you know that schools contribute up to 50% of local authority greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Swot up on solutions – from scrap paper to switch-offs to setting up an eco-group

Strive for Excellence

Use our guide to assess and improve your use of:

  • Energy – we'll help you plot your way through meter readings and Building Management Systems, temperature set-points and Heating Controls
  • Waste – from refurbishing or recycling unwanted school computers to composting food waste, we've got it all covered
  • Water – introducing a raft of water-saving ideas, from percussion taps to composting toilets to mulching plants in the school garden with the teachers' used tea-bags!

Report Cards

Our guide concludes with a detailed template to help you track and review your energy efficiency measures. A great way to track progress and keep you motivated.

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