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Run a leak reporting campaign

Ask staff to support your water reduction efforts by running a campaign.

In Scotland, water conservancy is often overlooked because water seems to be so abundant. But when you are in business you not only pay for water coming into your premises but for water leaving too, by means of effluent.

By adopting a systematic approach to water reduction your organisation can expect to be rewarded water reduction of 20 to as much as 50 percent. And, associated cost savings.

Work in tandem with your staff by encouraging them to report dripping taps or leaks. Chances are, your staff will be happy to support your water efficiency initiative if you can just find ways of communicating with them effectively, in a way that will get their attention and clearly explain the desired behaviour you are looking for. 

Water management can deliver quick wins. Consider a leaking tap. One that is running with a 5mm flow can cost your organisation around £752 every year in water and sewerage costs. Repairs are often really simple like tightening fittings or replacing a washer.

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