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Recycle on the Go

Providing easy-to-use, conveniently located recycling facilities in popular public locations.

Litter isn’t just about crisp packets and bottles having a detrimental effect on our environment and neighbourhoods. It's also about the waste of money and resources - in terms of the cost of clean up and the loss of value to the economy.

Over £1.2m worth of value is locked up in the drinks cans, plastic bottles and other materials littered in Scotland annually.

Installing Recycle on the Go facilities in public places provides an opportunity for people to separate different types of materials for recycling while out and about as well as at home.

The role of Zero Waste Scotland

We have provided funding to a number of local authorities, education establishments, leisure facilities, tourist attractions, hospitals and shopping complexes.

Over 4000 Recycle on The Go bins have been installed across the country to date from Zero Waste Scotland funding alone.

Recycle on the Go can help organisations meet the requirements of the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 as well as improve organisational corporate social responsibility, reduce environmental impact and encourage positive change in public behaviours towards litter and recycling in public places.

Toolkit and Guidance

Technical guidance on how to install Recycle on the Go along with a communications toolkit providing templates for signage and apertures is available to help find the right solution for your organisation.

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