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Re-use and Repair Capacity Fund

We are  pleased to make available funding to support Third Sector/Private Sector re-use and repair businesses, Local Authorities and the NHS to test new areas of partnership working to increase the range and amount of reusable materials collected and diverted from the resource stream through a collaborative approach. 

The fund is designed specifically to provide support for collaborative re-use and repair capital/infrastructure improvements. A level of revenue cost directly associated with the project development can also be claimed. 

The Capacity Fund is being provided under de minimis regulations with awards of up to a maximum of £60,000 for any single successful application.

Funding is available to cover the costs of collaborative expansion of warehousing, repair workshops, deconstruction projects and where possible for partnerships to increase the flexibility and range of collections to support the National re-use phone line, through a city wide fleet or collective GPS systems.

The Capacity Fund will be delivered in two funding rounds.

Round A:

The Capacity Fund 2015, will operate this financial year until March 2016 with the closing date 31 August 2015. Applicants are reminded that this fund is finite and that early applications are recommended.  All spend must be completed and requests for payment made by 31 August 2016.

Round B: 2016

The Capacity Fund will also operate in the next financial year 2016-2017. This is subject to continued funding in 2016-17 for this programme by the Scottish Government. Applications to round B of this fund may also be supported by evidence gathered from projects funded by the 2015-2016 Re-use and Repair Business Support Fund 3RR001-400.

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