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Passing, swapping, sharing, upcycling and repairing

Pass it on Week is now in its fourth year and we want organisations in Scotland to get involved.

The week is all about re-use -  passing things on so they can be re-used by someone else, buying 2nd hand items, swapping, sharing, upcycling and repairing.  This year it’s from 10-18 March 2018.

There’s load a of great reasons to get involved. You could:

  • Save money
  • Save resources
  • Help the environment
  • Make money (as an organisation if you’re a re-use/charity shop, or as an individual if you sell items you no longer want)
  • Increase your carbon savings (important especially if you’re funded by the Climate Challenge Fund)
  • Promote your Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Improve your staff/community engagement
  • Declutter (at work and at home)
  • A maybe even have some fun!

Organisations of all sizes have been involved in the past.  We’ve picked a couple of great examples below.

Scottish Power used Pass it on Week as a mechanism to engage staff in re-use and recycling when they were moving offices.  3116 items of furniture (mostly chairs and tables) went to schools, charities and other sites – saving a huge amount of items from going to landfill.  When you see that around 60,000 re-usable office desks go to landfill in Scotland every year, you can see the scale of the problem, so this was a great initiative.

Scottish Power also have public sites such as Whitelee Visitor Centre where they held events to engage the general public.  One weekend they held a Swap shop for all things sports related (footballs, tennis racquets, yoga mats etc) and the following weekend they held a swap shop for children’s items (such as clothes, toys etc).

Local Authorities have held all sorts of events, talking to their community, holding electrical amnesties and much more.  Perth & Kinross council used the week to promote re-use facilities in the area – providing a lasting legacy of ongoing re-use.  They gave out copies of their Charity and Re-use Projects Map – a great way to help people understand more about what can be re-used and where to take items. 

Community groups and re-use projects got involved with all sorts of events.  Inspiralba had a book sale and an upcycling competition on Facebook.  Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust held a donation drive for unwanted bikes.  And Moray Waste Busters held upcycling workshops.

Educational establishments including schools, colleges and Universities set up activities for students including amnesties for electrical items and stationery at Perth College UHI.

Churches were another great location for amnesties for various items, and the Levenmouth Foodbank did a kitchen items amnesty – getting the community to donate unwanted plates, pots and utensils to people who needed them.

The opportunities are endless and your events can be as big or as small as you want.  For more information, register for a copy of our toolkit, which includes an ideas guide and lots of useful resources including posters and social media banners.

To shake things up a little this year we’re running a musical amnesty encouraging people to pass on unwanted musical instruments.  

If we’ve persuaded you to get involved don’t forget register your events at www.passitonweek.com

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