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North Lanarkshire Council Smart Data Trial

Funded by Zero Waste Scotland, the North Lanarkshire Council Smart Data Trial is the first of its type in Scotland to use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to help understand levels of recycling participation against residual waste disposal.

How it works

The year-long pilot, being rolled out from early September 2021, will involve 5,000 households in North Lanarkshire. Each household will have RFID tags installed within their household waste and recycling collection bins

How the data will be used:

  • To identify areas for improvement and service efficiencies;
  • To allow for more accurate planning for collection routes;
  • To reduce vehicle travel times and emissions;
  • To improve resource planning of staff;
  • To identify potential financial savings.

The next stage

If the first stage is successful, households will be given information about recycling, and any changes in the weight of bins will be monitored. This will help to measure the effectiveness of communication materials and the role they can play in improving our recycling performance.

Find out more

To discuss Smart Data Trial further, please contact Jenny Fraser, Consumer Campaigns Manager – Recycling at Zero Waste Scotland

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