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New tools for schools to tackle food waste

Pupils and staff in Scotland’s schools are taking action to reduce food waste, armed with a first-of-its-kind education pack.

The Love Food Hate Waste Education Pack aims to inspire the next generation of learners to adopt more sustainable behaviours towards the food they eat, buy and grow.

Children at Knightswood Primary School in Glasgow were among a host of partners who supported the development of the pack – and pupils recently demonstrated a ‘food waste autopsy’ lesson.

The pack represents the first time practical materials on how to reduce food waste have been tailored for the Curriculum for Excellence.

Tackling food waste is recognised as one of the foremost challenges to Scotland’s circular economy and climate change ambitions, with 1.35million tonnes of food and drink wasted in Scotland in 2013. Of that figure, around 22,000 tonnes came from the education sector.

The Love Food Hate Waste Education Pack can be viewed and downloaded from www.zerowastescotland.org.uk/food-waste/teaching-resources.

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