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National Fly-tipping Prevention Group

The National Fly-tipping Prevention Group is a group of organisations working with a common aim to help prevent and tackle fly-tipping.

This work is focused on influencing, advising and raising awareness about the anti-social nature and potential health and environmental damage fly-tipping can cause.

The group is chaired by Defra who also provide the secretariat support for the group. The group meets on a three-monthly basis and is attended by a number of partner organisations from across the United Kingdom.

The role of the group

  • To gain a better understanding of social behaviours and why people fly-tip
  • Continue to improve the evidence base for fly-tipping crime through collation and use of data
  • Improve partnership work in tackling fly-tipping
  • Influence and make links with Devolved Administrations
  • Learn, share and promote outputs
  • Influence and support fly-tipping research projects
  • Influence the development of Government policy and legislation
  • Improve communications and publicity
  • Promote the National Fly-tipping Prevention Group's website as a key source of information for those affected by fly-tipping and a source of best practice for local authorities
  • Raise the profile of fly-tipping through the legal system

Further information can be found on The National Fly-tipping Prevention Group website. (Please note some of the information contained on the website may not be relevant in Scotland due to a different legislative framework).

The role of Zero Waste Scotland

We sit on the National Fly-tipping Prevention Group website contributes by sharing learnings, research, key priorities, policy changes and plans with the other national organisations.

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