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Make the most of Christmas food

Want to save money and get the most out of your festive food this Christmas?

Collectively, people living in Scotland could save more than £90 million by not wasting food this festive season. That’s a saving of £38 for every household in Scotland.

Follow our top tips to avoid wasting your festive food and drink this season.


  • Keep your festive leftovers aside to make some quick and easy recipes – great for a head start on Boxing Day dinner.
  • To use up any uneaten Christmas meal staples, curries, stews and soups are tasty and hassle-free to make. And who doesn’t love a classic turkey sandwich with leftover cranberry sauce? Easy recipes using leftovers can be found here.
  • To use up your Christmas pudding, create a really easy and delicious dessert of Christmas pudding ice cream. Just mix custard and whipped cream together then stir in the crumbled Christmas pudding, perhaps adding a little leftover rum, whisky or Baileys, and then freeze.
  • Believe it or not, mince pies work really well as a base for another cake. Add in chocolate, orange or nuts, or use in trifle.

Freezing and storing

  • Freezing the food you have left from your Christmas feast could save you cash. Freeze as soon as you can – within two days – and eat within three months if possible.
  • You can freeze just about anything. Cream (whip it a little beforehand) and cheeses like Stilton freeze really well, just put them in an airtight bag or container and store in the freezer.
  • If you have leftover salad or lettuce leaves put a piece of kitchen roll in the bottom of a pot, add the leaves and then seal. This will keep them fresh for much longer than leaving them in the bag.

New Year’s resolutions – how to cut down on food waste next year

  • Only attempt a big food shop if you’ve prepared a shopping list to avoid buying food you won’t use.
  • Remember to check your cupboards first before you go shopping, as you may already have a lot of the ingredients you need.
  • By washing, chopping, bagging and freezing your veg in advance you can save a lot of time, and they will retain the same nutritional value as if you prepared them from fresh.
  • Anyone wishing to find out more about food waste, including easy and tasty recipes, should visit the Love Food Hate Waste website. Zero Waste Scotland is also encouraging Scots to share their own festive recipes on Twitter and Facebook.
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