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Blythswood Care Superstore recognised as best of second hand in Scotland

Shoppers in Inverness are being offered a green alternative to high street shopping, as Blythswood Care’s new Inverness superstore has been awarded the Revolve mark, an accreditation for the very best second hand shops in Scotland. 

4 Jul 14

Revolve, which is delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, aims to increase re-use by improving the customer experience, professionalism and visibility of re-use organisations.  Blythswood Care’s new store has been awarded the mark in recognition of its commitment to excellent customer service, great store layout, and quality products.

Reusing items has a huge benefit to Scotland’s environment, which sees hundreds of thousands of tonnes of perfectly good items sent to landfill each year, as well as benefitting local economies by selling items that would otherwise have cost money to dispose of and creating jobs for local people. Revolve’s growing network aims to encourage people to re-use items wherever possible, to reduce waste and support a sustainable economy in Scotland.

The Blythswood Superstore at Harbour Road in Inverness sells a wide range of products including clothing, furniture, bikes and household items.

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland commented: “Blythswood Care’s new superstore is a great example of what the Revolve mark is all about. The shop is professionally staffed and laid out, products are of a very high standard, and all electrical equipment is safety tested and comes with a three month guarantee. 

“By supporting the re-use sector to compete with high street standards, we’re working to create a fantastic alternative to buying new that benefits Scotland’s environment and local economies.”

Ian Matheson of Blythswood Care said: “Blythswood Care is delighted that our Harbour Road, Inverness Charity Superstore has now become our second store to be awarded Revolve accreditation.

“The Revolve accreditation process has greatly helped us to set up a very customer friendly retail store at Harbour Road.

“We believe these changes have increased Blythswood Care’s appeal.  It has helped attract customers who perhaps wouldn’t have considered buying reused goods before as they see that quality and value are on offer to them.

“We believe the re-use market is strong and growing, and the organisations in the Revolve network are demonstrating that second hand is not second best.”

There are now over 30 Revolve accredited shops in Scotland. Zero Waste Scotland is also working to ensure as many items that people no longer want are reused rather than landfilled by promoting the National Re-Use Phone Line.  By simply phoning 080 0665 820, callers to the phone line can skip all the hassle of taking large household items like bed frames, sofas and white goods to the local recycling centre and have them picked up for free and taken to be re-used by someone else.  Reusing items is significantly more environmentally friendly than recycling them. For example, reusing 100 sofas saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon compared to recycling them.

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