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Identifying opportunities to develop the recycling infrastructure in Scotland report

What is the economic potential of material in the waste stream? 

Improvements to the quality and quantity of material collected and reprocessed is essential to achieve the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Plan for a closed loop economy in Scotland where less material is exported or sent to landfill and the economic potential is accrued from material arising in the waste stream.

Key findings

The most attractive economic options identified were:

  • Equipment for Washing/Drying Textiles
  • Carpet Recycling Plant
  • Equipment to Increase the Quality of Material for Recycling
  • Equipment for Aluminium Can Crushing at Source
  • Equipment to Increase the Capabilities of WEEE Recycling Plants
  • Facilities for Cleaning and Drying of Mixed Plastic Film
  • Plastic to Oil Refinery
  • PVC Recycling Facility

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