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Food waste information for local authorities

Research and information on collecting and recycling household food waste.

Food Waste Collections

Information on collecting household food waste for recycling and about the food waste collection trials funded by Zero Waste Scotland (WRAP).

Information on collecting food waste for recycling 

Evaluation of food waste collection trials updated June 2009 

Food Waste Collections Contract Guidance

This guidance document has been developed for those local authorities in Scotland seeking to set up and contract out a food waste collection service from businesses. 

It covers key tender documents and examples of contract clauses designed to help deliver high performing, value for money services.

Food Waste Treatment Contract Guidance

This guidance is to support local authorities who have or are implementing a food waste collection to contract with existing food waste treatment facilities.

 It highlights the most important issues when procuring treatment facilities, provides guidance on how contract clauses and specifications can be used to deliver a successful contract and presents best practice from existing food waste treatment contracts including example clauses.

Managing Food and Garden Waste

Studies on the cost benefit analysis for dealing with food and garden waste and on the performance of mixed food and garden waste collections.

Managing biowaste - cost benefit analysis (update) October 2008 

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