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Food Recycling Tips

Almost everyone in Scotland should have access to a council food waste recycling service and let’s face it everyone has unavoidable food waste. Hopefully our tips can get you using yours.

  1. Empty your food waste bin regularly and always empty it when it gets ¾ full to stop overflows
  2. Clean your indoor food waste caddy every few weeks – you can even pop it in the dishwasher and hose your outdoor caddy every so often when you’re cleaning your car!
  3. Keep your food waste caddy smelling fresh by giving it a wee wipe with kitchen roll and a few drops of scented essential oil. Then pop the kitchen roll at the bottom of the bin to soak up any unwanted spills.
  4. Make it as easy as possible to always remember to use your food waste collection. Why not keep a small container beside your kettle to gather teabags and then pop in the food waste bin at the end of the day?
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