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European Week for Waste Reduction 2016

European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) takes place on the 19-27 November.

Each year organisations, businesses, schools, and citizens are encouraged to take action during the week to raise awareness of how to reduce waste in our society leading to longer term sustainable behaviour. 

The aim of the week is to mobilise actions across Europe that promote the three R’s: reduce, re-use and recycle. In Scotland, the focus of EWWR is on food waste but this year the theme across Europe is wasteful packaging. Participants are encouraged to think about food waste and packaging when developing their awareness raising actions for November.

We are the co-ordinator for EWWR in Scotland and we are here to support your efforts as part of EWWR. Registered actions are eligible for the EWWR Awards 2016.

Categories for the EWWR Awards include actions undertaken by:

  • Citizens
  • Education Establishments
  • Local Authorities
  • Association or NGO
  • Businesses
  • Other – including social enterprises

Winners will be announced at a ceremony in Barcelona next year.

Previous winners include St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School in Dunblane.  Their registered action saw students from the school’s Eco Committee separating and weighing the food and packaging waste produced at lunchtime and running an education campaign at the school to help pupils, staff and parents see the importance of reducing their waste. This enabled the school to halve the quantity of food waste that they produce.

If you would like to connect your project with actions happening in other countries please get in touch! We are in close communication with other co-ordinators and can help you pair up.

In 2015, there were 12,000 actions registered across the EU and beyond. Join us in making 2016 bigger and bolder for a brighter zero-waste future. 

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