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Food is an essential resource, but production can be carbon intensive. 

There's no need for it to cost the earth.

ENOUGH is a food manufacturer in Glasgow, Scotland. With help from Zero Waste Scotland, ENOUGH created ABUNDA® mycoprotein to save the planet. ABUNDA® mycoprotein are created by fermenting fungi with natural sugars from grains.

It's a sustainable ingredient that can be used to make almost any food, with fibre and all 9 essential amino acids.

Compared to traditional proteins, the production uses up less water and CO2, is less resource intensive and it creates zero waste.

ENOUGH aims to produce 1 million tonnes of ABUNDA® mycoprotein by 2032. This could save 5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions - helping to balance nutritional needs and protect the planet. Because one Earth has to be ENOUGH.

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