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Digestate & Compost in Agriculture project

The digestate & compost in agriculture (DC-Agri) project is a four year research project looking at the use of quality anaerobic digestate (biofertiliser) and compost in agriculture, integrated with an extensive knowledge exchange network.  

Using quality digestate and compost in agriculture can improve soil fertility and provides valuable plant nutrients. 

The Digestate & Compost in Agriculture project gathered data which will enable these materials to be used more efficiently by farmers, helping to control costs and improve production.

This research generated robust data on crop available nitrogen supply from digestate, enabling farmers to include digestate in nutrient management plans with confidence and maximise their potential to displace manufactured fertilisers. 

Utilising the nutrients in digestate and compost to grow crops will reconnect nutrient cycles and improve the efficient use of resources, particularly from the energy intensive manufacture of nitrogen fertilisers and the mining of phosphate from non-renewable resources.

The project is funded jointly by Defra, WRAP, WRAP Cymru and Zero Waste Scotland.

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