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Circular Highlands and Islands

In 2020, Zero Waste Scotland established an exciting partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), the Scottish Government's economic development agency. 

Building on one of our core values of collaboration, we will work with HIE to embed the circular economy across the Highlands and Islands region. 

The Highlands and Islands spans from Shetland in the far north, to the Kintyre Peninsula in the south, and from the Outer Hebrides, in the west to Moray in the east. This huge area accounts for just over half of Scotland’s landmass but only 9% of its population. 

The region is formed out of dramatic and distinct geographies, being home to the UK’s highest mountains, deepest lochs and around 100 inhabited islands. It also has the lowest population density in the UK, and one of the lowest in Europe. With a population of 470,000, 62% live in remote areas. 

The distinct geographic and economic makeup of the Highlands and Islands presents certain challenges (access/distance to markets, access to skilled workforce, aging population etc.), but it also presents unique opportunities for implementing circular economy concepts. 

We will be working in partnership with HIE to explore and take advantage of the opportunities that the circular economy presents the region. Our work will focus on several key sectors: food & drink, tourism, life sciences, energy, creative industries and technology & advance engineering. 

We will work to support public and private sectors to make best use of the world’s limited natural resources, whilst creating a stronger and more resilient economic model for the Highland and Islands region. 

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For enquiries relating to Circular Highlands and Islands: helen.lavery@zerowastescotland.org.uk


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