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Chewing Gum Action Group

The Chewing Gum Action Group was set up in 2003 to deliver a long-term solution to irresponsible chewing gum disposal.


We support the Chewing Gum Action Group, which delivers an annual campaign with everything authorities and other land managers need to plan, launch, implement and monitor action in their communities.

Since 2006, the group's campaigns have shown positive results in local authorities across the country, increasing awareness of the issue and reducing gum litter.

  • 56% overall reduction in gum litter in 2011
  • 47% overall reduction of gum litter
  • 69% of people said that the 2010 campaign made them want to change their behaviour
  • 81% said the 2008 campaign made them realise that there is a fine for gum litter

A range of guidance and further information can be found on the Chewing Gum Action Group website.

CGAG is chaired by Defra and brings together representatives from:

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