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Carpets, cans and clothing targeted in £1.5million recycling investment drive

Zero Waste Scotland has launched a new £1.5million fund designed to help grow the Scottish economy through targeted investment in recycling and re-use.

28 Sep 12

The Priority Materials Fund will provide capital investment to stimulate growth in the resource management industry.  Its aim is to capture and manage more of Scotland’s waste within Scotland, enabling local job creation and business growth.

Investment will be targeted at specific areas already identified by Zero Waste Scotland research into viable but under-developed commercial recycling opportunities.  Funds can help businesses either to develop new market opportunities or to expand their existing operations.

Opportunities targeted by the scheme include recycling waste carpets, washing and drying clothes and other textiles so they can be re-used, and extracting valuable materials from waste electricals and scrap vehicles, as well as improving existing recycling of paper, plastics, glass and cans.  

Environment Secretary, Richard Lochhead, said:

“Our vision for zero waste is about getting the greatest value from materials within our economy by recycling and re-using them over again here in Scotland.  It’s about doing the right thing for the environment whilst at the same time creating opportunities for jobs and growth.

“By doing more with the materials we have here, we can also be more resilient and safeguard our future needs.  This new investment is an important step in moving towards a zero waste economy”

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“We know from research there are a number of untapped business opportunities in recycling and re-use that could create jobs and benefit the economy here in Scotland.  

“By targeting investment around these identified priority areas, we know we can help Scotland progress towards its ambitious zero waste targets whilst also growing Scottish businesses.   We are here to help suitable projects get off the ground, and can provide expert support as well as capital investment.”


The fund, which is set to run until March 2015, will consider applications which aim to build on the following identified opportunities:

  • Washing and drying textiles on industrial scale to add value and allow further treatment or re-use;
  • To establish collection and processing of carpets, mattresses and other textile products for recycling;
  • Enhancements in processing to increase the quality and quantity of paper & board for closed loop recycling or  added value processes;
  • Enhancements in processing to enable higher quantities of recycled glass to be suitable for closed loop or added value applications;
  • To increase the quality and quantity of aluminium cans for closed loop recycling;
  • To increase the capabilities of WEEE Recycling Plants to extract a wider range of materials for recycling (e.g. PCB’s, plastics etc.);
  • To increase the capabilities of ELV Recycling Plants to extract a wider range of materials for recycling (e.g. plastics etc.);
  • To increase the collection and processing of plastic films for recycling from the industrial and agricultural waste sectors;
  • To establish collection and processing of PVC for recycling from the construction and demolition waste sector.

It is open to private and third sector organisations operating in the resource management industry, as well as local authorities.  Grants of up to £160,000, and not exceeding 50% of the total eligible project costs, will be available.  A minimum of 80% of the grant must be used for capital costs.  The programme will operate under State Aid in compliance with the De Minimis (EU) Regulation.  

For more information about Zero Waste Scotland’s Priority Materials Capital Grant Programme.

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