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Call for third sector to contribute to litter prevention in communities

Zero Waste Scotland is calling on third sector organisations to trial projects which empower communities to take action to prevent littering.

18 Jun 15

The new programme will support community action to prevent littering and reduce reliance on constant clean-ups in Scotland, including:

  • Community campaigns to raise awareness of local litter and encourage behaviour change;
  • Monitoring and ‘Citizen Science’, which involves volunteers carrying out data collection and a range of monitoring techniques to inform interventions;
  • Incentives to motivate local communities, such as access to social activities or opportunities to learn new skills;
  • Community Green Space and Street Improvements - re-purposing sites for community use as green spaces; and
  • Wider Community Building - to develop a sense of civic pride leading to litter prevention effects.

Learning from the projects will be used to produce resources to help communities design and deliver future litter prevention projects, allowing them to take action at a local level.

More information on the types of project being considered can be found in the Litter Prevention Community Engagement: Options Paper.

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland said:

“In line with Scotland’s national litter strategy, Towards a Litter Free Scotland, we’re working to shift the emphasis of anti-litter initiatives from cleaning up what’s dropped in public areas, to preventing people from littering in the first place.    

“This new fund will help third sector organisations to prevent litter and change behaviour within communities, building on our recent research which revealed that people are more upset by litter when it has been left on their doorstep.

“Litter is an eyesore which spoils Scotland’s natural beauty.  As well as the obvious costs of cleaning, education and enforcement, litter and flytipping has indirect costs of over £25 million a year, for example impacts on mental health and neighbourhood safety.  By tackling the problem at its origin, we can help to make Scotland’s communities safer and more pleasant places to live.”

Third sector organisations with the skills and capacity to drive these projects are urged to apply for the fund by visiting www.zerowastescotland.org.uk/content/third-sector-community-based-litter-prevention-capital-grant-programme-1lf003-000

For media enquiries, contact:

Chloe Bellany, PR Officer
e: chloe.bellany@zerowastescotland.org.uk
t: 01786 239764
m: 07540 517127


Notes For Editors

Editor’s Notes

  • Zero Waste Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government to support the delivery of its Zero Waste Plan and other low carbon and resource efficiency policy priorities.
  • Zero Waste Scotland is helping Scotland to become more efficient in its use of resources. We are supporting progress towards Scotland’s ambitious zero waste targets and enabling Scottish society to reap the benefits of more efficient use of resources.  
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