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Creating Curran®, an innovative paint additive that prevents cracking using food processing by-products.

CelluComp is a material science company producing Curran® - a nano-fibre product made from agri-food waste streams from root crop. As a mechanical enhancer with thickening properties, this product can be used to improve properties in many different products, such as paints and coatings and concrete.

As a renewable, bio-based product with no Volatile Organic Compounds, Curran® has attracted considerable interest from companies looking for a more sustainable approach to manufacturing and a reduced reliance on petrochemical products. Given the significant level of interest and wide range of possible applications for Curran®, CelluComp is a company with high growth potential both in Scotland and internationally. They are looking to create around 15 jobs at the facility in Glenrothes.

Download the CelluComp case study from the right hand menu.

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