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Auchrannie Resort trims the fat by cutting cooking oil by fifty percent

Auchrannie Resort was aware of the issue of food and drink waste at its three restaurants. 

Zero Waste Scotland support transformed this awareness into waste reduction plan that delivered cost savings.

The key outcomes of the support included:

  • The purchase of three fryers with integrated oil filtration, allowing a reduction in oil consumption across their three restaurants of up to 50%.
  • Annual savings of around 13.6 tonnes of cooking oil, and £14,600 in oil purchase costs.
  • The purchase of the fryers was fully funded by Zero Waste Scotland’s Waste Prevention Implementation Fund 

With the aim of preventing food waste in small to medium enterprises in the Scottish hospitality sector, Zero Waste Scotland approached Auchrannie Resort to offer advice to prevent food waste from their three restaurants. Resort staff were already aware of the issue of food waste and were keen to identify practical opportunities for reduction.

We decided that the best way to assist Auchrannie Resort would be for one of our waste prevention specialists to carry out free food and drink opportunity assessment at the resort’s three restaurants, which serve a variety of food to the resort’s guests and visitors.

The assessment included an appraisal of kitchen processes, analysis of food waste levels and costs, and the current methods of waste disposal. We involved staff working at the resort as much as possible to help build our understanding of where food waste was being produced.

We were able to estimate that the site produced 22 tonnes per year of food waste, from areas such as customer plate waste and kitchen preparation waste. Another significant contributor was the 27 tonnes per year of used cooking oil generated in the kitchens – with 160 litres collected for disposal every two days.

After the assessment, we produced a report which outlined our priority recommendations for reducing or preventing food waste at the resort. The key recommendation was the purchase of new oil fryers with built-in filtration to reduce oil usage, and cut the amount of oil waste generated. In addition, we also provided recommendations relating to the implementation of a monitoring and targeting system for food waste and for the installation of an on-site composter.

When deep frying, food particles can break free which contaminates the oil. This is why the oil must be replaced with fresh oil on a regular basis. However, a fryer with integrated filtration circulates the oil through filters during use. These filters remove the food particles from the oil, preventing the build-up of unwanted carbon particles and avoiding associated flavour impacts. This extends the life of the cooking oil and can reduce oil usage by up to 50%.  

After reviewing the report, Auchrannie Resort was very interested in the purchase of new fryers, based on the potential oil savings of around 13.6 tonnes a year. However, the investment of £14,500 was a significant barrier.  Fortunately, Zero Waste Scotland was able to support the resort with this capital cost through the Waste Prevention Implementation Fund 

The Scottish Government funding provides grants of up to £100,000 to SMEs in Scotland, for the implementation of waste prevention measures. Auchrannie Resort successfully applied to the fund and received £14,500 in funding for five new fryer units with integrated filtration. This allowed the resort to take advantage of the potential food waste savings at no upfront cost or risk to the business.

An excellent programme which has helped us dramatically reduce spend on kitchen oil and volume of waste oil.’ David Johnston, Projects Director, Auchrannie Resort.

Many hospitality businesses in Scotland are operating fryers without filtration and are unaware of the oil and cost savings that can be achieved.  The installation of new fryers with integrated filtration, or the purchase of external filtering units that can be used on old equipment, could be an easy step towards significantly cutting food waste and saving money.

We're here to help your business, too

In the words of David from Auchrannie Resort: "You have nothing to lose and lots to gain from this programme." To find out how Zero Waste Scotland can help you with food and drink waste or other efficiency opportunities, contact us on 01786 433 930 or email us.

Our support to reduce your business costs through food waste prevention and reduction is funded by the Scottish Government and by the European Regional Development Fund through the £73 million Resource Efficiency Circular Economy Accelerator Programme.


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