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Waste saving lunches in Moray Schools

Recently Greener Moray funded a schools tour for primary school pupils, with the aim being to encourage children to make positive changes in their behaviour and  reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Zero Waste Scotland | 3 Feb 11

The sessions started with a musical play entitled  ‘A Load of Rubbish’  followed by waste and energy saving workshops.  At lunchtimes, school canteens had Monster Mountains of rubbish deposited on the floors, as recyclable and non-recyclable items were emptied from the packed lunch boxes. The youngsters were asked to come and look at the rubbish piles and to take home ideas on how to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.  Follow up session are being organised to see what impact the event had on the pupils and if the amount of rubbish goes down.  It’s hoped that by visually illustrating unnecessary waste, the message will get home and a reduction in the school’s lunch time waste will be the result.

Reusable plastic bottles for drinks and specially adapted air tight lunch boxes that do away with the use of plastic bags or cling film were a couple of ideas that were put forward – and also not preparing too much food for the individual child, half eaten sandwiches seemed to be a common occurence!  For more hints and tips go towww.wasteawarelovefood.org.uk or have a look at Greener Moray on Facebook.

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