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Spring clean those kitchen cupboards

It’s time for Spring Cleaning, and I would urge you to include your kitchen cupboards in your clear out.

Zero Waste Scotland | 17 May 11

Have a rummage around and dig out those things at the back that are gathering dust. 

  • Check out what’s coming up to its ‘Use by date’ and find a recipe to use it up (www.wasteawarelovefood.org.uk is a great place to find recipes). 
  • Move things to the front if they need using up shortly.
  • Include the fridge and freezer in your rummaging.

A good kitchen spring clean can save you money (using up food rather than throwing it away) and makes you try new and interesting recipes (I found some dessicated coconut that needed using up and found a great curry recipe to use it that I’d never tried before). 

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