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'A Waste of Opportunity'. The Geographer Magazine - Special Edition

Special edition of Royal Scottish Geographical Society magazine dedicated to Zero Waste Scotland. 

The Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s magazine has dedicated a special edition to Zero Waste Scotland’s mission to create a truly circular nation.

The prestigious society’s Geographer magazine highlights the diverse scope of Zero Waste Scotland’s work spanning expert research and business support to identify and address key issues and find innovative solutions to the climate emergency.

This ranges from entrepreneurs inspired by toxic algal blooms to pioneer more sustainable ways of producing food to trials with the public sector demonstrating how to use consumers’ natural aversion to cost to kick our damaging throwaway coffee cup habit.

Chief executive Iain Gulland’s introductory piece for the special edition, entitled Back to the future – Coming full circle to create a sustainable world, spells out the benefits of looking back to move forward.

As he says in the piece: ‘While we have begun to act and it is important to celebrate the positive achievements so far, more than ever we are looking ahead at how we go much further, faster.

‘It is worth considering that sometimes the best solution is the simplest one, and the best way to move forward can be to look back to the past. For while the linear economy is undoubtedly outdated, some of the habits, values and skills which we have long since abandoned can be adapted to create a sustainable future.’

Articles exploring this in the special edition of the Geographer include a piece on the forthcoming deposit return scheme, which is aimed at reducing the vast numbers of drinks cans and bottles which are bought and binned across Scotland.

Other work covered in the magazine includes a ground-breaking report from Zero Waste Scotland on the potential for insect farming to solve the nation’s food waste problem and the success of communities leading Zero Waste Towns nationwide.

Read the magazine online here

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