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Action on Plastic - Support for Community Groups

Zero Waste Scotland is looking for hear from communities across Scotland that want to take action to step up reducing, re-using and recycling plastic at a local level, as part of our Zero Waste Towns project which sees communities undertaking intensive activity around waste and the circular economy.

Who should register their interest?

Any community in Scotland wanting to take action on plastic can register their interest, and we are particularly interested in coastal communities as they are often most directly affected by marine plastic pollution.

At this stage we’re just looking to see where there is local desire to see action in this area, so we would welcome expressions of interest from community groups, small businesses or enthusiastic individuals.

Register to attend one of our community workshops

The Zero Waste Scotland team are keen to get out and discuss possible projects with interested groups, so we’re looking to host a series of workshops across Scotland to tell you more about our plans, and hear from communities about what issues around plastic they’d like to tackle.

Fill in the form below to register your interest in receiving more information on the ‘Action on Plastic’ Zero Waste Towns and let us know if you’d be interested in attending a workshop. We’ll schedule dates, times and venues for these over the summer once we have an idea where demand lies.

What’s on offer to help communities take action?

We’re currently finalising the package of funding and support that we’ll be able to make available to communities, but register your interest below and we’ll make sure you get all the details all soon as they are available, and get the opportunity to discuss them further with us at the workshops.

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