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Food waste toolkit

Our food waste toolkit will take you through a few steps to understand more about food waste, and give you some tools to start reducing it.

1. Food waste quick start guide

The best way to understand how you’re doing on food waste is to monitor and measure it. Lots of businesses we work with are surprised by what they find when they measure. 

The calculator is a handy, simple-to-use spreadsheet where you enter daily weights. It calculates some useful facts and figures to help you implement solutions in the right places. Alternatively, the 7-day tracker will give you a snapshot of food waste in your kitchen.

Watch our video with Glendoick Garden Centre which has already benefited greatly from using the calculator.

2. Posters for kitchens

The most effective way to measure food waste is to segregate it into Plate Waste, Spoilage and Preparation Waste. Our posters will help you create separate food waste stations in your kitchen.

3. Tips for reducing food waste

Now that you know where your food waste is coming from you can start reducing it. Our guide gives you ideas for reducing plate waste, spoilage and preparation waste.

4. Food Waste Reduction - Business Support

Want free support to help you to reduce food waste? Our team of advisors are ready to support. You can get a free on-site or virtual assessment to identify and quantify opportunities, a bespoke report detailing the opportunities and next steps, as well as follow up support to start recognising the savings.

You can apply for a free food waste support and advise by email.

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